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looking for a kinder

A quality early learning Kindergarten (stimulating, safe environment, with caring, qualified early learning professionals) and a nurturing home environment is the perfect combination for your child to develop to their full potential by preparing them for future schooling. Given children’s rapid development in the first three years, children need to be immersed in activities and stimuli that support their inquisitive and fast developing minds.

When looking for a Kindergarten it’s important you have a look at the facilities in person. You should also go along to any information sessions offered.

There are many resources available to help you choose the most appropriate Kindergarten for your child/ren, however we hope the links and information below are of some assistance when negotiating this path for the first time! Good luck and we hope you choose Grange Road Kindergarten for your precious little ones early learning experiences.

looking for a kinder | Grange Road Kindergarten